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Eco Tip #6 - Why Bamboo?

Why is bamboo a good replacement to plastic?

Bamboo is a flagship material when it comes to eco-friendly products. Being among the fastest-growing plants; bamboo can be fully grown within 3-4 years compared to trees which take about 25 to 70 years to mature, it also does not require any chemicals to grow!

Therefore, to limit any harm on our ecosystem, many companies have chosen to use Bamboo instead, avoiding any type of deforestation. In addition, bamboo is a very light material which considerably reduces the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere during its transportation.

Bamboo is a product that is gradually starting to make its debut with the general public around the world. Nowadays, we see several products made of this raw material such as the household toothbrush, straws, cutlery, hair comb, furniture, parquet and others. With bamboo, we are encouraged with a new habit of reusing our products which greatly reduces our waste compared to the current situation of the ‘one use’ only items, commonly made out plastic and paper. Plus, the various products made with bamboo are more resistant, flexible and give a luxurious aesthetic appearance.

In addition, the use of bamboo products can also create various positive impacts in our life, with more ecological products in use, overtime it will reduce the consumption of polluting products such as plastic hence reducing the overall pollution. With that in mind, we will also gradually reduce our impacts and damages on wildlife as wild animals often end up consuming our plastic waste.

We, as humans, know that we are causing huge amounts of damage to our environment with the way we are currently living our lives, this is why we highly encourage you to make small changes in your day to day, that will be play a great part in helping to save the planet. We at “Ecolife” are providing you with these eco tips, along with affordable products, to make a difference in the world.

To sum it up :

· Bamboo grows very fast and therefore it can be sustain-ably farmed and this process avoids deforestation

· It is strong and Flexible raw material

· Does not require chemicals to grow.

· Reduction of Carbon emissions during transportation as it is light in its raw material form

· Encourages re-using by replacing ‘one-time use’ only items

· Preserves nature and its wildlife

"We will not have a society if we destroy the environment" - Margaret Mead (American Cultural Anthropologist)

Together for a better world 🌎

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