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What is an Ecobrick?

We are all aware that in our modern society, the environmental concern is on the rise with one of the most frequent issues faced off being the plastic consumption problem. Plastic is among one of the most consumed material worldwide, whether be it by individuals or big organizations. It's such a flexible and versatile material, but despite it’s incredible properties, the biggest problem has always been the pollution that comes with producing it and the way it is being discarded after use.

For many decades now, many people have tried to sensitize and propose alternatives to reduce the plastic impact on our planet but it’s still a big issue. Recently, a new innovative concept has emerged called the Ecobrick.

What is an Ecobrick?

The concept is quite easy to understand, it is a way of fixing one of the problems that comes along with plastic, keeping it out of our landfills and our oceans. Basically, non-biodegradable plastics are forced into a plastic bottle using a stick to create a solid « brick » which can then be used for multiple projects such as construction.


EcoBricks prevent plastic waste from harming the ecosystem

Since the plastic will be used to fill these bottles, they are being kept away from being dumped into the landfills or the ocean. Giving the plastic a further purpose as well is a plus.

Ecobricking increases ecological consciousness

Many people are not aware of the aftermath of discarded plastic wrappers, bags or plastic bottles etc. The sad reality is that this has been happening on a global scale for decades, you only realize how much you are throwing away until you see the plastic amount stack up when making these Ecobricks, which can be an eye-opener. Ecobricks are an easy way to educate others about this issue as well, encouraging people to make most of the plastic.

Ecobrick is a low energy solution

Recycling isn’t necessarily the best solution and is sometimes not accessible to everyone since it often requires advanced technology, funds and a substantial amount of human energy to make the process happen. In contrast, Ecobrick is much more fun and easy process, with anyone having the ability to make their own brick. It is a simple solution to a complex problem which can be done by anyone anywhere.

What goes in an Ecobrick?

Here is the various items that can be included in your brick :

· Straws

· Cling film

· Dog food bags

· Chips and chocolate packaging

· Any form of plastic bag

· Polystyrene (or Styrofoam) – this is a petroleum-based product that can’t be recycled. Lots of products are made out of this including food containers and packaging.

· Bits and pieces of unrecyclable plastic

Useful Tips

· Make sure your plastic is clean and dry

· Twist your plastic and insert into the bottle

· Use a long wooden stick to compress the contents every time you add plastic

· Fill up until you are unable to squeeze the bottle

Take your Eco brick to a drop-off point

More information about drop off points and ecobricks in general here :

Together for a better world 🌏

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