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Toothbrush - Bamboo V/S Plastic

Did you know that a plastic toothbrush will take up to 400+ to decompose? The first toothbrush ever made is probably still floating somewhere!

Even though we are fully aware that plastic is one of the most damaging materials to the environment right now, we are still found using it on a daily basis and it’s really hard to fully avoid it. However, multiple plastic products can be replaced with re-usable/biodegradable alternatives to help you live that plastic-free lifestyle.

A bamboo toothbrush might be a little more expensive than your traditional plastic one but that all comes down to the demand, the day bamboo is normalized as being the official substitute, and they will be available everywhere at a decent price. The average person is estimated to throw away 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime, pair that up with a cheap plastic packaging and you have a whole lot of waste that could have been avoided.

Making this simple switch will reduce the plastic waste that ends up in our landfills and our oceans. Trust us, you won’t even feel the difference, be part of the solution today! 💚

Our toothbrush has a 100% biodegradable handle and packaging.

How to care for your bamboo products :

More reasons to make the switch :

Together for a better world 🌍

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