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ECO TIP #5 - The Eco Conscious Driver

Nowadays, everyone owns a car, whether if be for their daily commute to work, purchasing the groceries, road trips and more. Regrettably, the high number of vehicles on the highway has a harmful effect on the surroundings in terms of toxic waste and it plays a big role in global warming.

On this Fifth Eco-tip of the series, we will be showing you a few changes that you can make in order to reduce your carbon footprint, some of them even help you in saving a some money!

Let’s start -

1. Keeping your tires properly inflated

This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your tires, they will last longer, it’s safer and it will also save up to 3% more fuel on trips!

2. Car Sharing

Look to fill any free seats in your car. Not only will this reduce the number of vehicles heading in the same direction but your passengers can chip in with petrol money leading to reduce your own cost!

3. Regular Servicing

Avoid car malfunctions by having it checked regularly. Less breakdowns and less carbon emissions.

4. Steady Driving

Keeping a constant, steady speed will help minimize the amount of fuel you burn through on the journey. Higher than road limits will be burning much more petrol so go easy on the acceleration!

5. Planning your journey ahead of time

It is estimated that idling your car can produce up to 150 balloons of exhaust emissions, containing harmful chemicals, every minute. We recommend avoiding peak times, driving when roads are empty will greatly reduce your fuel costs and also the wear and tear on your car.

6. Keep your trash

Please do not throw your trash out the window, keep hold of it until you find a trash can to dispose of it. The last thing we want is additional pollution on top of the carbon emissions!

7. Upgrading your vehicle

It is believed that newer cars have better fuel consumption and less emissions. Nowadays, you also have plenty of choices for electrical/hybrid cars, so this is a great alternative to becoming more eco!

8. Less is better

And finally, avoid unnecessary trips! Driving less is one the best ways to fix this issue, so if you’re not going too far, consider walking or even using a bike and enjoy the health benefits, public transport is great as well!

Are you enjoying this series? Let us know what you think!

Together for a better world 🌎

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