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Bamboo Hairbrush

Bamboo Hairbrush


The Ecolife Bamboo Hairbrush is made out of bamboo and a plant-based rubber.  With various benefits, swapping out your plastic hairbrush to this one will be pretty easy!


Benefits :

  1. Anti-static brushing - Bamboo will not cause frizz in your hair like normal plastic hairbrushes will do.
  2. Encourages Hair growth - The bamboo bristles are rounded at the tip in order to provide a stimulating touch to the scalp, increasing blood flow and in return, promoting hair growth.
  3. Strong and Eco-friendly - These will last you a very long time, and since it is made out of natural products, they are 100% compostable at the end of their useful life.




- Made using sustainably farmed Bamboo and Plant Based Rubber

- Solid Paddle design, built to last you a very long time



Material: Bamboo + Kraft Box

Length - 22cm


Caring for your Bamboo Product :

  • Keep dry to avoid moisture damage

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